Plantronics BackBeat SENSE

In the shelf of beautiful universal sets has arrived.

Thin, wireless and portable – this is Plantronics BackBeat SENSE . The first wireless headphones on the market, which women unconditionally like. It is worth taking note before the New Year.

We will consider the design, but also listen. Because we, muzhiks, are interested in simple things: how they sit and sound. The rest will be left to our beauties.

Plantronics – Well done
In the kit there is a carrying case with two zipped pockets.

I remember the company ever since it flooded the market with affordable Bluetooth headsets – which was more than 10 years ago. Since then everything has improved: from the approach to the materials of the case to the sound quality.

Today, Plantronics headphones are very good, not only budget, but also premium models. For example, we had on the review Backbeat PRO – one of the first on the market with active noise reduction and decent design. Judging by the comments, many readers later acquired such a kind and souls do not chail in them.

A new, bright SENSE model can also be recommended with confidence, because they favorably differ from other models in the current market:

  • very very light, almost weightless;
  • made soundly and soundly;
  • Do not look “burdock” on the head, wear is not ashamed;
  • very long work from a single charge;
  • have a Russian-speaking AI-assistant (need to flash);
  • have one awesome feature .

Which one? Read on.

bluetooth headphones

One awesome feature

At the bottom of one of the best headphones reviews site there is a small red button. About her, I have dreamed since childhood, how I put on the earliest earphones in my life.

Backbeat SENSE can temporarily drown out music and reproduce everything that happens around you. By pressing the red button, the track becomes very quiet, and the built-in microphone starts working instead. It turns out that you begin to hear everything that is happening around you, but do not remove the headphones.

This is especially important, because SENSE simply has a smart soundproofing, even better than my current “favorites” from Bose. Every time you need to hear something, you do not need to put the track on pause: just turn on this mode.

Trick: this way you can eavesdrop on others, pretending that you listen to music. The microphone amplifies the voices;)

Who needs it: cyclists, motorcyclists, runners, office employees and students. To everyone who can not completely forget about the world around them for their own safety.

I demand that this feature be added to all wireless headphones on the market. Of course, no one will hear me, but I’m sorry.

Wear Sensor

If you take off the headphones, the music will be paused. And if you put it back on, it starts from the same place. Do not press any buttons.

The headphones have built-in smart sensors that monitor whether the owner is wearing them. Also a chip that is missing on other wireless headphones … By the way, a similar system is in other headphones from Plantronics. For example, in the already mentioned PRO.

Still it’s good headphones

Of course, to take SENSE only because of one “spyware” function is not worth it. How about a great design? I got a white-brown model for the test, and it instantly attracts the eyes.

In general, the market has two modifications, including black and brown. Last underlined by the male (my IMHO).

The headband was made double for comfortable wearing: the plastic rim is covered with a soft lining with leather lining, and the steel plate with the logo serves as an additional rib of rigidity, such a bumper providing strength and minimizing extraneous noises when driving.

The headphones themselves are emphatically large, with a wide soft “cushion” ambushshur with leather cover. Perforation in the center hides the acoustic grid and 40 mm open-type dynamics. When worn, they do not crush and, oddly enough, do not get very hot. Most likely, air ducts are cut somewhere.

While they were testing, it just got colder – as it turned out, SENSE can be worn a-la cap for the ears. Heat plus favorite music without wires. And the phone does not need to reach with trembling hands.